Service Agreement


CrunchEconometrix and all related materials and videos are my intellectual property and copyrighted in my name, representing my views and that of CrunchEconometrix which I have established. CrunchEconometrix is a separate entity and independent from my work as a university lecturer and researcher. It should not be connected with and does not embody the views of my current university and employer.

Copyright notice and use of materials:

1) All materials – videos, lecture notes, data, etc. – are available on my website, to every interested participant and at any time.

2) All materials and videos are copyrighted in my name.

3) Distribution or reposting of actual materials and videos on other websites is prohibited. I have tracked down defaulters and sent them stern caution.

4) Posting of links to other websites that refer to my website is welcomed.

5) I will permit you (your free license) if you wish to use my materials to teach a course. However, you should notify me ahead detailing how you intend to use the resource. For clearance email me at

6) You may use the data sets by giving credit to the original owners of the data – please look in the Example given below for proper endorsement.

7) Credit is not necessary if you use a command that is generally available on the public domain, e.g. a regression command.

Examples on proper citation of CrunchEconometrix 

Reference on blogs: CrunchEconometrix by Bosede Ngozi Adeleye

Citation for CrunchEconometrixAdeleye, Bosede Ngozi (2018) CrunchEconometrix [Website and YouTube Channel]. Retrieved from CrunchEconometrix Website:

Citation for a lecture note: Adeleye, Bosede Ngozi (2018) Time-Series Models Example [PDF document and YouTube Video]. Retrieved from CrunchEconometrix Website:

Citation for Stata program: Adeleye, Bosede Ngozi (2018) Time-Series Models in Stata [Software Program and YouTube Video]. Retrieved from CrunchEconometrix Website: