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Bosede Ngozi Adeleye, PhD

Are you an undergraduate and just starting on the subject of econometrics?

Do you remember the feeling of crunching on your favourite cookies? Yeah, mine is ginger cookies (it’s an addiction, sorry)! We are here to have some fun with econometrics by crunching it!…lol.

Are you so scared that you cannot afford not passing the course? Congratulations, you are on the right platform. Relax, this website is principally set up to teach you the basic things you need to know in getting you started on econometrics.  

Are you wondering if there are career prospects as a researcher or data analyst? Of course, there are!!! This is because data analysis is relevant in every field and discipline. Therefore, there will be NO shortage of demand for the skills set in this area. Hence, this blog is designed to equip you with those relevant industry-related skills. 

You will also have access to the various regression commands and the respective do-files. In case you don’t have any of this analytical software installed on your device, do not worry, you can use the excel file data on any econometric tool of your choosing (R, Python, SHAZAM, MINITAB, etc.). I will be offering some online courses (with videos) in addition to including some practice questions to improve your regression skills. Basic Stata, EViews, SPSS, and Excel commands will be provided too! The online resource provided may not be exhaustive, however, they are well suitable to get you started.

However, due to abuse and undue infringements on my Google Drive, kindly note the following changes, effective immediately:

1)   All Stata do-files attract payment of a token fee.

2)   All Crunch Datasets attract payment of a token fee.

3) Datasets from Gujarati & Porter, JM Wooldridge, and Lahoti et al., (2016) attract no payment.

Interested in any of these files? Click on the link to the SHOP. After purchase, the downloadable link to the file will be made accessible for 24hours by which you are allowed a one-time download.

Remember, CrunchEconometrix is tailored for beginners…those newly starting on the subject and for those who want to improve their understanding of Stata analytical software. However, intermediate and advanced econometricians can join in too by contributing and improving the quality of contents provided. For starters, CrunchEconometrix will build your confidence, teach you how to formulate a hypothesis, analyse your model, interpret results and so much more….

I enjoin you to make this educative platform as interactive as ever. Take advantage of the tons of information contained therein. Post your questions, attempt the assignments, familiarise yourself with some basic concepts, subscribe and share this link with your friends and colleagues in other tertiary institutions.

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 So, let’s crunch!


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About Tutor



Ngozi ADELEYE, PhD is the creator and tutor of CrunchEconometrix. She is a lecturer, researcher in the Department of Economics and Development Studies, at Covenant University in Nigeria.

She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in introductory and advanced microeconomics, monetary economics, financial economics, mathematical economics, applied econometrics, quantitative analysis, mathematics and statistics for social sciences. However, CrunchEconometrix is a separate and independent effort from her university activities.

Ngozi ADELEYE has strong proficiency in the use of Stata, EViews, SPSS and Excel analytical packages. Her interest in econometrics and data analysis was stirred while studying for her MSc degree in International Economics at the University of Sussex, UK. Based on her experience as a student, she decided to coach beginners with understanding the subject of econometrics using hands-on analytical tools.

She loves to teach and inspire. She’s an extrovert, 100% choleric, a single-parent….and she loves tennis!

Follow up with updates from CrunchEconometrix:

Website: http://cruncheconometrix.com.ng

Blog: https://cruncheconometrix.blogspot.com.ng/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrunchEconometrix

YouTube Custom URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/CrunchEconometrix

For enquiries, send mailto: cruncheconometrix@gmail.com