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CrunchEconometrix and all related materials and videos are my intellectual property and copyrighted in my name, representing my own views and that of CrunchEconometrix which I have established. CrunchEconometrix is separate entity and independent from my work as a university lecturer and researcher. It should not be connected with and does not embody the views of my current university and employer.

Copyright notice and use of materials

·      All materials – videos, lecture notes, data, etc. – are available without charge on my website, to every interested participant and at any time.  

·      All materials and videos are copyrighted in my name.  

·      Distribution or reposting of actual materials and videos on other websites are prohibited. I have tracked down defaulters and sent them stern caution.

·      Posting of links to other websites that refer to my website is welcomed.

·      I will grant you permission (your free licence) if you wish to use my materials to teach a course. However, it is advisable that you notify me ahead detailing how you intend to use the resource. For clearance email me 

·      You may use the data sets by giving credit to the original owners of the data – please look in the Example given below for proper endorsement.

·      Credit is not necessary if you use a command that is generally available on the public domain, e.g. a regression command.

Examples on proper citation of CrunchEconometrix 

·      Reference on blogs:
CrunchEconometrix by Ngozi Adeleye

·      Citation for CrunchEconometrix:
Adeleye, Ngozi (2018) CrunchEconometrix [Website and YouTube Channel]. Retrieved from CrunchEconometrix Website:

·      Citation for a lecture note:
Adeleye, Ngozi (2018) Time Series Models Example [PDF document and YouTube Video]. Retrieved from CrunchEconometrix Website:

·      Citation for Stata program:

Adeleye, Ngozi (2018) Time Series Models in Stata [Software Program and YouTube Video]. Retrieved from CrunchEconometrix Website: