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Ngozi ADELEYE, PhD is the creator and tutor of CrunchEconometrix. She is a lecturer, researcher in the Department of Economics and Development Studies, at Covenant University in Nigeria. At Covenant University, she teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses on introductory and advanced microeconomics, monetary economics, financial economics, mathematical economics, quantitative analysis, mathematics and statistics for social sciences. But, CrunchEconometrix is a separate and independent effort from her university activities.

Ngozi ADELEYE has strong proficiency in the use of Stata, EViews, SPSS and Excel analytical packages. Her interest in econometrics and data analysis was stirred while studying for her MSc degree in International Economics at the University of Sussex, UK. Based on her experience as a student, she decided to coach beginners with understanding the subject of econometrics using hands-on analytical tools.

She loves to teach and inspire. She’s an extrovert, 100% choleric, a single-mother (through widowhood) of one….and she loves tennis!

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